Speakers: Ashutosh Limaye, PhD

SERVIR Chief Scientist- Marshall Space Flight Center at NASA

Picture of Ashutosh Limaye, PhD


Dr. Ashutosh Limaye works at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center as SERVIR Chief Scientist. SERVIR is a joint NASA-USAID program that applies Earth observations and predictive models to support environmental decision-making in countries Asia, Africa, and Latin America. He leads NASA-supported SERVIR Applied Sciences Team, his focus is ensuring the applied research meets the needs of SERVIR regions. Previously, Ashutosh was involved in validation experiments for remotely sensed soil moisture from ground, airborne, and space-based microwave instruments. His research interests include hydrologic modeling, mathematical optimization, and agricultural yield estimation under changing agricultural and climatic conditions.

On the agenda

  1. Accelerating Application of EO Data

    Sep. 29, 10:00am Panel The South Hub

    Regional Data Cubes. Credit programs. Training and technical support. Various approaches have attempted to accelerate the application of EO data to social and environmental challenges, so that the benefits of satellite data are spread more evenly. What have we learned from 5+ years of pursuing each of these approaches?



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