Speakers: Jed Sundwall

Executive Director at Radiant Earth Foundation

Picture of Jed Sundwall


Jed Sundwall is the incoming Executive Director of the Radiant Earth Foundation. He has over 15 years of experience working at the intersection of data, product development, cloud computing, economics, and policy. Before joining Radiant Earth, he created various data sharing and sustainability initiatives at Amazon, including the Amazon Web Services Open Data Program which makes over 100 petabytes of data available for analysis in the cloud. He helped create patterns of efficient data sharing that have been adopted by USGS, NASA, Geosciences Australia, Esri, and the Brazilian Space Agency. He serves on the Board of Directors of NatureServe, is an advisor to PLACE Fund, and has served on the Landsat Advisory Group. He has a master’s degree in foreign policy from the University of California in San Diego.

On the agenda

  1. Accelerating Application of EO Data

    Sep. 29, 10:00am Panel The South Hub

    Regional Data Cubes. Credit programs. Training and technical support. Various approaches have attempted to accelerate the application of EO data to social and environmental challenges, so that the benefits of satellite data are spread more evenly. What have we learned from 5+ years of pursuing each of these approaches?



  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  2. Caribou Space

  3. Esri

  4. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

  5. Picterra

  6. Planet

  7. Replicable AI for Microplanning (RAMP)

  8. SparkGeo

  9. United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


  1. Azavea

  2. Capella Space

  3. D4DInsights

  4. Element84

  5. European Space Agency (ESA)

  6. Locana

  7. PLACE

  8. Radiant Earth Foundation

  9. TileDB

  10. Umbra


  1. Cyient

  2. Development Seed

  3. DevGlobal

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