Speakers: Sajjad Anwar

Developer & Project Strategist at Development Seed

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Sajjad is a developer and project strategist at Development Seed. He builds tools to improve how Development Seed and our partners work with geographic data. He contributes to our strategy for working with teams like HOT and with OpenStreetMap. Sajjad cares deeply about the impact open tools and data have on governance and development.

Previously Sajjad helped build Mapbox’s data team and led products for mapping and validation. Sajjad has experience building platforms for natural resources monitoring and data infrastructure for large scale accountability initiatives.

He is based in Bangalore and is actively involved in the open data movement in India. He partners with initiatives like DataMeet, GeoBLR and the India Open Data Association to grow the local community. In his free time, Sajjad is usually driving or biking.

On the agenda

  1. Localizing AI

    Sep. 28, 04:30pm Panel South Hub

    AI holds great promise for automating insights from massive earth data streams. But AI models underperform and AI-derived data fails to represent many parts of the world.

    This panel will explore approaches to inject local knowledge in improve AI outcomes. We will explore Human in the Loop AI approaches and No-Code / Low-Code approaches that make model develeopment and refinement more accessible. From mapping schools in rural Asia and producing fast landcover maps in the United States, to preventing illegal logging in Liberia and making better maps in Monrovia -- the experts who have built AI methodologies, tools and programs will share their perspectives on the potential for these methods to improve quality, bridge gaps between ML engineering and domain expertise, and improve inclusivity.



  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  2. Caribou Space

  3. Esri

  4. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

  5. Picterra

  6. Planet

  7. Replicable AI for Microplanning (RAMP)

  8. SparkGeo

  9. United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


  1. Azavea

  2. Capella Space

  3. D4DInsights

  4. Element84

  5. European Space Agency (ESA)

  6. Locana

  7. PLACE

  8. Radiant Earth Foundation

  9. TileDB

  10. Umbra


  1. Cyient

  2. Development Seed

  3. DevGlobal

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