Main speakers

  1. Aditya Agrawal

    Founder at D4DInsights

    Picture of Aditya Agrawal
  2. Aimee Barciauskas

    Data Engineer at Development Seed

    Picture of Aimee Barciauskas
  3. Alistair Miller

    Imagery Product and Partnerships at Mapbox

    Picture of Alistair Miller
  4. Amanda Marchetti

    Director of Analytic Products at Blacksky

    Picture of Amanda Marchetti
  5. Ana Pinheiro Privette, PhD

    Head for Sustainability at AWS Impact Computing

    Picture of Ana Pinheiro Privette, PhD
  6. Andrew Wilcox

    Business Operations Sustainability Team, Digital Programs Lead at Unilever

    Picture of Andrew Wilcox
  7. Andria Rosado

    Data Manager at Coastal Zone Management Authority & Institute

    Picture of Andria Rosado
  8. Andy Tatem, PhD

    Professor of Spatial Demography and Epidemiology & Director at University of Southampton & WorldPop

    Picture of Andy Tatem, PhD
  9. Anu Swatantran, PhD

    Earth Scientist at Corteva Agriscience

    Picture of Anu Swatantran, PhD
  10. Anusuya Datta

    Editor – Americas at Geospatial World

    Picture of Anusuya Datta
  11. Argyro Kavvada, PhD

    Program Manager for Earth Sciences Division's Sustainable Development Goals at NASA

    Picture of Argyro Kavvada, PhD
  12. Ashutosh Limaye, PhD

    SERVIR Chief Scientist- Marshall Space Flight Center at NASA

    Picture of Ashutosh Limaye, PhD
  13. Asimina Syriou

    Business Applications & Partnerships Engineer at European Space Agency (ESA)

    Picture of Asimina Syriou
  14. Aurélie Shapiro, PhD

    Chief Technical Advisor at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

    Picture of Aurélie Shapiro, PhD
  15. Benjamin Thelonious Fels


    Picture of Benjamin Thelonious Fels
  16. Benjamin P. Stewart

    Global Operations Support Team Lead at World Bank

    Picture of Benjamin P. Stewart
  17. Benjamin Tuttle, PhD

    Earth Observant, Inc. and GeoOutlook, LLC at VP of Product & Principal

    Picture of Benjamin Tuttle, PhD
  18. Brian Eyler

    Director of the Southeast Asia Program and the Energy, Water, and Sustainability Program at Stimson Center

    Picture of Brian Eyler
  19. Budhu Bhaduri, PhD

    Director-Geospatial Science and Human Securtity Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Picture of Budhu Bhaduri, PhD
  20. Caitlin Howarth

    Director of Operations - Conflict Observatory team at Yale Humanitarian Research Lab

    Picture of Caitlin Howarth
  21. Caitlin Kontgis, PhD

    VP Go-to-Market at Satellogic

    Picture of Caitlin Kontgis, PhD
  22. Carlos Silva, PhD

    Science Team Lead at Pachama

    Picture of Carlos Silva, PhD
  23. Carmen Tedesco

    Director of Analytics at Fraym

    Picture of Carmen Tedesco
  24. Carolyn Johnston, PhD

    Geospatial Data Scientist and Technologist at DevGlobal

    Picture of Carolyn Johnston, PhD
  25. Carrie Stokes

    Director of the GeoCenter at USAID

    Picture of Carrie Stokes
  26. Cassidy Rankine, PhD

    Planet Labs Account Executive at Planet

    Picture of Cassidy Rankine, PhD
  27. Catherine Nakalembe, PhD

    Associate Research Professor and Africa Program Director under NASA Harvest and Member of the NASA SERVIR Applied Sciences Team at University of Maryland

    Picture of Catherine Nakalembe, PhD
  28. Chelsey Walden-Schreiner, PhD

    Geospatial Scientist at Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

    Picture of Chelsey Walden-Schreiner, PhD
  29. Chris Holmes

    VP of Product & Strategy at Planet

    Picture of Chris Holmes
  30. Clinton Johnson

    Racial Equity & Social Justice Unified Team Lead, Director and Founder of North Star of GIS at Esri

    Picture of Clinton Johnson
  31. Corine Wegener

    Director at Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative

    Picture of Corine Wegener
  32. Dan Getman

    VP of Product at Capella Space

    Picture of Dan Getman
  33. David Gibbs

    GIS Research Associate at World Resources Institute

    Picture of David Gibbs
  34. David Williams

    Senior Director - Conservation Geography at African Wildlife Foundation

    Picture of David Williams
  35. Deborah Gordon

    Senior Principal at RMI

    Picture of Deborah Gordon
  36. Denise McKenzie

    Partner, Community & Ethics at Place

    Picture of Denise McKenzie
  37. Edward Anderson

    Senior Technology and Resilience Specialist for the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery at World Bank

    Picture of Edward Anderson
  38. Elodie Macorps, PhD

    NASA Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

    Picture of Elodie Macorps, PhD
  39. Francis Gassert

    Strategy and Impact Lead at Vizzuality

    Picture of Francis Gassert
  40. Fred Stolle, PhD

    Deputy Director of Forest at World Resources Institute

    Picture of Fred Stolle, PhD
  41. Freddie Kalaitzis

    Senior Research Fellow at University of Oxford

    Picture of Freddie Kalaitzis
  42. Gaige Kerr, PhD

    Research Scientist at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University

    Picture of Gaige Kerr, PhD
  43. Hamed Alemohammad, PhD

    Chief Data Scientist and Executive Director at Radiant Earth Foundation

    Picture of Hamed Alemohammad, PhD
  44. Hanna Camp

    Senior Advisor - Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) team at Mercy Corps

    Picture of Hanna Camp
  45. Healy Hamilton, PhD

    Chief Scientist at NatureServe

    Picture of Healy Hamilton, PhD
  46. Holly Krambeck

    Program Manager at World Bank Data Lab

    Picture of Holly Krambeck
  47. Ian Schuler

    CEO at Development Seed

    Picture of Ian Schuler
  48. Io Blair-Freese

    Advisor on Global Investments and Partnerships at DevGlobal

    Picture of Io Blair-Freese
  49. Ivan Zvonkov

    Machine Learning Engineer at NASA Harvest

    Picture of Ivan Zvonkov
  50. Jamon Van Den Hoek, PhD

    Associate Professor of Geography in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University

    Picture of Jamon Van Den Hoek, PhD
  51. Janine Yoong

    Geospatial Professional at _

    Picture of Janine Yoong
  52. Jawoo Koo

    Senior Research Fellow of the Environment and Production Technology Division at International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

    Picture of Jawoo Koo
  53. Jed Sundwall

    Executive Director at Radiant Earth Foundation

    Picture of Jed Sundwall
  54. Jeff Higgins

    GIS Analyst at CDC

    Picture of Jeff Higgins
  55. Jyotsna Budideti

    Co-Founder & CEO at SpaceSense.ai

    Picture of Jyotsna Budideti
  56. Katharyn Hanson, PhD

    Cultural Heritage Preservation Scholar at Smithsonian Institution

    Picture of Katharyn Hanson, PhD
  57. Keith Masback

    Principal Consultant at Plum Run LLC

    Picture of Keith Masback
  58. KesUranNu Baylor

    Debate Team at Eleanor Roosevelt High School Science & Technology

    Picture of KesUranNu Baylor
  59. Kevin Berney

    Remote Sensing Analyst at CDC

    Picture of Kevin Berney
  60. Khristian Jones

    Co-Founder at Patti Grace Smith Fellowship

    Picture of Khristian Jones
  61. Krystal Azelton

    Director of Space Applications Programs at Secure World Foundation

    Picture of Krystal Azelton
  62. Kunwar Singh, PhD

    Geospatial Scientist at William and Mary

    Picture of Kunwar Singh, PhD
  63. Lauren Allognon

    Data and Analytics Associate at Tetra Tech

    Picture of Lauren Allognon
  64. Leo Thomas

    Data Engineer at Development Seed

    Picture of Leo Thomas
  65. Lilian Pintea, PhD

    Vice President, Conservation Science at Jane Goodall Institute

    Picture of Lilian Pintea, PhD
  66. Lilly Thomas

    Machine Learning Engineer at Development Seed

    Picture of Lilly Thomas
  67. Lisa Maria Rebelo, PhD

    Lead Scientist at Digital Earth Africa

    Picture of Lisa Maria Rebelo, PhD
  68. Mabel Baez-Schon, PhD

    McKnight Fellow at University of Florida, Gainesville

    Picture of Mabel Baez-Schon, PhD
  69. Manil Maskey, PhD

    Senior Research Scientist at NASA Science Mission Directorate

    Picture of Manil Maskey, PhD
  70. Marie L. Urban

    Group Lead, Human Geography at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Picture of Marie L. Urban
  71. Martha Morrissey

    Machine Learning Engineer at Pachama

    Picture of Martha Morrissey
  72. Matthew D. Steinhelfer

    Deputy Assistant Secretary at Department of State Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations

    Picture of Matthew D. Steinhelfer
  73. Megan Hansen

    Machine Learning Scientist at Impact Observatory

    Picture of Megan Hansen
  74. Melissa Weitz

    Physical Scientist at EPA Office of Atmospheric Program

    Picture of Melissa Weitz
  75. Michele Thornton

    Project Lead - Daymet dataset & Lead - DAAC’s electronic Learning Resources at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Picture of Michele Thornton
  76. Mike Spaeth

    Head of ESG Earth Intelligence at Maxar

    Picture of Mike Spaeth
  77. Monica Weber

    Senior Customer Success Manager at Planet Federal

    Picture of Monica Weber
  78. Monica Youngman

    Chief of National Centers for Environmental Information, Data Stewardship Division at NOAA

    Picture of Monica Youngman
  79. Nadine Alameh, PhD

    CEO at Open Geospatial Consortium

    Picture of Nadine Alameh, PhD
  80. Naikoa Aguilar Amuchastegui, PhD

    Senior Carbon Finance Specialist at The World Bank

    Picture of Naikoa Aguilar Amuchastegui, PhD
  81. NaNa Yi, PhD

    Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Regrow Ag

    Picture of NaNa Yi, PhD
  82. Nicki McGoh

    Senior Director at Caribou Space

    Picture of Nicki McGoh
  83. Norman Barker

    VP of Geospatial at TileDB

    Picture of Norman Barker
  84. Nuala Cowan

    Digital Earth Partnership (DEP) Team Member at World Bank

    Picture of Nuala Cowan
  85. Paloma Merodio

    Vice President at National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI)

    Picture of Paloma Merodio
  86. Pascal van Dalen

    Chief Growth Officer at Picterra

    Picture of Pascal van Dalen
  87. Pascual Gonzalez

    Coordinator, Mapping at Amazon Conservation Team

    Picture of Pascual Gonzalez
  88. Peter Rabley

    Managing Partner at Place

    Picture of Peter Rabley
  89. Raghu Ganti

    Principal Research Scientist at IBM

    Picture of Raghu Ganti
  90. Rahul Ramachandran, PhD

    Senior Research Scientist at NASA

    Picture of Rahul Ramachandran, PhD
  91. Regan Kwan

    Research Associate - Southeast Asia Program and the Energy, Water, and Sustainability Program at Stimson Center

    Picture of Regan Kwan
  92. Rens Masselink, PhD

    Head of R&D at Satelligence

    Picture of Rens Masselink, PhD
  93. Rhiannan Price

    Principal Consultant and Managing Director at DevGlobal

    Picture of Rhiannan Price
  94. Ridwan Sorunke

    Principal Advisor at DevAfrique

    Picture of Ridwan Sorunke
  95. Ritwik Gupta

    Phd Student and Founder at University of California Berkeley, Neural Tangent

    Picture of Ritwik Gupta
  96. Ryan Abernathey, PhD

    Associate Professor and Physical Oceanographer at Columbia University and Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory

    Picture of Ryan Abernathey, PhD
  97. Sajjad Anwar

    Developer & Project Strategist at Development Seed

    Picture of Sajjad Anwar
  98. Sanjana Paul

    Co-founder & Executive Director at Earth Hacks

    Picture of Sanjana Paul
  99. Subit Chakrabarti, PhD

    Director of Technology at Cloud to Street

    Picture of Subit Chakrabarti, PhD
  100. Susana Rodriguez-Buriticá, PhD

    Associate Researcher at Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Biological Resources Research, Colombia

    Picture of Susana Rodriguez-Buriticá, PhD
  101. Thembi Xaba, PhD

    Managing Director at Digital Earth Africa

    Picture of Thembi Xaba, PhD
  102. Therese Jones

    Senior Director of Policy at Satellite Industry Association

    Picture of Therese Jones
  103. Tim Wallace, PhD

    Senior Editor - Geography at New York Times

    Picture of Tim Wallace, PhD
  104. Tom Augspurger

    Software Engineer at Microsoft Planetary Computer

    Picture of Tom Augspurger
  105. Tyler Radford

    Executive Director at Humanitarian Open Street Map Team

    Picture of Tyler Radford
  106. Vincent Sarago

    Geospatial Developer at Development Seed

    Picture of Vincent Sarago
  107. Vivek Sakhrani, PhD

    Head of Applied Data Science at AtlasAI

    Picture of Vivek Sakhrani, PhD
  108. Winston Tri

    Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Albedo

    Picture of Winston Tri
  109. Yana Gevorgyan

    Secretariat Director at GEO

    Picture of Yana Gevorgyan
  110. Yoni Nachmany

    R&D Engineer at The New York Times

    Picture of Yoni Nachmany
  111. Yvonne Ivey-Parker

    TOPS Equity Lead at NASA Transform to Open Science Initiative (TOPS)

    Picture of Yvonne Ivey-Parker

Other speakers include

  1. Aaron Su

    Software Engineer at Azavea

  2. Alessandra Sozzi

    Data Analytics Officer at International Monetary Fund (IMF)

  3. Anthony Louis D'Agostino, PhD

    Research Economist at Mathematica

  4. Beau Legeer

    Director of the Imagery and Remote Sensing GBD team at Esri

  5. Chris Rampersad

    Vice President of Engineering at EarthDaily Analytics

  6. David Bitner

    Data Engineer at Development Seed

  7. Genevieve Patenaude, PhD

    CEO & Co-Founder at Earth Blox

  8. Georgios Ouzounis, PhD

    Head of Innovation Team at Atlas AI

  9. Jerome Maleski, PhD

    Senior Research Associate at University of Georgia in Tifton

  10. John Swartz, PhD

    Research Scientist at The Water Institute

  11. Jonathan Markel

    Graduate Research Assistant at The University of Texas at Austin

  12. Kevin Booth

    Engineering Manager at Radiant Earth Foundation

  13. Kshitiz Khanal

    PhD Student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  14. Madison Musgrave

    Account Manager-Nonprofit and Global Organizations at Esri

  15. Matt Hallas

    Manager of the Geospatial Practice Area at DevGlobal

  16. Matthew Hanson

    Geospatial Engineering Lead at Element84

  17. Payton Barnwell

    Business Development Manager at SkyFi

  18. Rob Emanuele

    Geospatial Architect at Microsoft

  19. Robert Cheetham

    President & CEO at Azavea

  20. Seamus Geraty

    Junior Consultant at DevGlobal

  21. Steve Brumby, PhD

    CEO & Co-Founder at Impact Observatory



  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  2. Caribou Space

  3. Esri

  4. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

  5. Picterra

  6. Planet

  7. Replicable AI for Microplanning (RAMP)

  8. SparkGeo

  9. United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


  1. Azavea

  2. Capella Space

  3. D4DInsights

  4. Element84

  5. European Space Agency (ESA)

  6. Locana

  7. PLACE

  8. Radiant Earth Foundation

  9. TileDB

  10. Umbra


  1. Cyient

  2. Development Seed

  3. DevGlobal

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